14. Dezember 2016

Der globale Wettbewerbsindex für Nachhaltigkeit 2016 zeigt Europa an erster Stelle

The ECOreport looks at a report of internation “standard of life, the 2016 Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index ranks Europe Foremost.

By Roy L Hales

Though China and the United States lead the world when it comes to gross domestic output (GDP), the sustainable competitiveness model  uses another standard. SolAbility defines this on its’ website, “Sustainable competitiveness is the ability of a country to meet the needs and basic requirements of current generations while sustaining or growing the national and individual wealth into the future without depleting its natural, intellectual and social capital.”  The focus is not corporate wealth or political clout, but “dignifying standard of life for all citizens.” Thus the 2016 Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index ranks Europe Foremost.

2016 Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index Ranks Europe Foremost

Top five nations The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index
Top Ten nations The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index

Eighteen of the top 20 nations were European, the only exceptions being New Zealand (12) and Japan (15).

Scandinavia leads the world, with Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland ranked #1-#5, respectively.

The rest of the top ten were all small European nations.

The United States was #34 overall,  scoring “particularly low in resource efficiency, but also social cohesion. If not tackled, the combination of the two is likely to undermine the global status of the US in the future.” One of America’s worst scores was 114 for social capital, “just below Liberia and before Afghanistan,” because of “comparable high crime rates and low availability of health services.”

China received high marks for “intellectual capital” (#4), but has limited natural resources and did poorly in terms of “social stability and the well-being.” Thus it was ranked #37.1

As regards the world’s other leading economies: Germany is ranked 14th, the UK 21st,  Canada 22nd, Russia 45th and India 152nd.1



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